811F-MX Flame detector

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Detectors – 800 Series

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Tyco 811F MX Flame Detector (Marine)

The 811F and 811FEx point type flame detectors are part of the MXTechnology range of digital addressable fire detectors.
MXTechnology incorporates heat, optical and carbon monoxide detection. The 811F and 811FEx flame detectors present
a cost effective solution to providing false alarm free flame detection for enclosed applications. Both the 811F and the 811FEx
are full featured solar blind flame detectors for enclosed use and boast a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The standard unit is the 811F and it is designed for direct connection to the MX digital loop, employing the same detector
base or functional base as other 800 series fire detectors. The 811FEx is an intrinsically safe version intended for use in
hazardous atmospheres and must be connected via an EXI800 interface and galvanic isolator.
The detectors are designed to comply with EN 50 014 and EN50 020 for intrinsically safe apparatus.
They are certified: ATEX code: II 1 G Cenelec code: EEx ia IIC T4.

Key Features:

Unlike UV and UV/IR detection, not blinded by oil mist in machinery spaces
Reduces cabling, no interface required
No additional power source required
Easy installation uses a common plug in base for smoke and heat detectors
Can be used on all vessels as fully marine approved



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