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Callpoints Conventional

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Tyco MCP230 Conventional Outdoor Call Point

The modern stylish designs provide greater aesthetic appeal.
The curved features of the MCP200/230 Call Points blend in with today’s
modern architectural styles.

Anti-Tamper Feature – The new Call Point, once installed, cannot be tampered with.
If the lid of a device is removed without isolation from the panel, the alarm will sound.
The lid fixing is also now designed to be more secure. The special MCP tool is needed
to release the lid as required by EN54-11.
Above Standard – The new Call Points are EN54 compliant in any format. The MCP
design is ready to meet specifications for both break glass and resettable Call Point options.
Compatible – The MCP has an alert Call Point with a 470 ohm Alarm Level Resistor
and is fully compatible with all the current mounting accessories. The surface mount box,
pattress and terminal trays all work with the new design. The MCP200/230 fits easily to
most established electrical outlet boxes in the world.
Integrated Design – A modular integrated functional component is at the heart
of each product. This allows easy replacement of the facia should the installed unit
ever be damaged. A change of application or colour can be catered for as can
a system upgrade if required.
Flexibility – The MCP200/230 break glass can quickly become an EN54-11
resettable MCP200/230. A resettable Call Point can easily be converted back to a break glass.
With the new design it only takes a change of operating element. The solution is simple and
low cost and is much easier than changing the product or adding springs and additional parts.
Single Maintenance Tool – The combined test, reset and lid release facility means only one
tool is needed for maintenance. The same tool will also test the existing range of Call Points
so you don’t need to carry a variety of different keys.

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