Circutor CW-TA Out2 Active Power Transducer

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Power Supply: 195…276Vac / 40…90Hz
Measuring Voltage: 0…690Vac, 45…65Hz
Measuring Current: 5Aac
Measuring range: 0/150%Un
Auxiliary Power: 220…240Vac / 40…90Hz
Accuracy: 0.5%
System: Unbalanced Three-Phase (3 Wires)

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Unbalanaced three-phase ARON (3 wires), Analog Output 4..20mA

The CW-TA transducers, convert the signal measured to D.C. signal process.

The analog output is directly proportional to active power – three phase measurement.

The measurement is in true RMS.

The analog output is configured as standard in voltage (p.e. 0…10 V) or current (p.e. 0…20 mA), and it is also
available with shifted zero output signal (p.e. 2…10 V or 4…20 mA). In each case the output must be specified.

The CW-TA transducers have been designed for working in industrial environments, following the strictest
EEC norms, refers to radio frequencys and electromagnetic fields.

The CW-TA transducers have passed all the enviromental industrial tests and they can be labeled with label,
giving the hightest quality, maximum safety and reliability.

The case can be fixed on DIN rail or can be mounted in panel system with screws as alternative to DIN rail,
turning the hannging support at the back part. They have front protection seal and led power indicator.

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Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 11 cm



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