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Tyco CP830M Marine Outdoor Weatherproof Call Point

The CP830 Weatherproof surface-mounting Manual Call Point has a plastic coated frangible
element to ensure safe and reliable operation, producing no dangerous glass shards.
It is operated by simply pressing on the centre of the frangible element until it snaps, releasing
a microswitch, which signals an alarm at the Tyco MX Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE).

A hammer, or other impact device, is not required. The integral LED indicator will illuminate
when an alarm is registered and may be programmed to blink when the CP830 is polled by the CIE.
The CP830 has an International Protection rating of IP67, making it suitable for outdoor applications.


Mount the backbox to a suitably flat surface in the required location, using the three fixing holes and
screws provided in the installation kit.
Ensure the cable entry holes are in the vertical plane. The backbox can be mounted with either
the single or double entry holes at the top.
Fit the appropriate cable glands into the 20mm diameter threaded holes as required. Use only the
supplied spare washers to fit the respective cable glands or hole stoppers.
The 2 hole stoppers with plastic washers are provided for use where cable glands are not required.
Ensure that all cable entry holes are securely sealed. The recommended sealant is Loctite 5331.
Ensure that the gasket is correctly seated in its channel on the rear of the cover.
Place the call point squarely over the backbox and carefully push the call point until locating clips
have engaged. Use the four fixing screws to lock the call point into place.
An Earth continuity terminal is situated in the rear of the backbox; it is designed to accommodate 2
conductors of up to 2.5mm sq. An earthing plate is provided for continuity of metal conduits.


Johnson Controls (Ex-Tyco)

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