Daniamant SL8040 Salinometer For Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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The salinometer measures and supervises the salinity (salt content)
by conductivity measurement in fresh water. The measured
value is displayed as ppm and by comparing the measured value
to a user defined alarm setpoint value, relay outputs are available
to indicate if salinity is above or below the alarm setpoint value.

Mains Supply
85 – 265 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 10 VA typ. – 15 VA max.
Mains supply must be protected against overcurrent by an
external 250 mA slow-blow fuse.

Measuring Salinity Range
0 – 40‰, displayed as “000” to “39,9” and “HI” if value exceeds 40‰.

Alarm Function
User defined alarm setpoint value (0 – 39,9‰) is set using “+”
and “-“ buttons.
When measured value exceeds alarm setpoint, change-over
relay contacts A and B are activated. Alarm relay B may be
enabled/disabled from the front by pressing a button.

Relay Contacts
2 x Change-over relay contacts – capable of handling 4A
(85 – 265 V AC or 24 V DC) load. Relays must be protected
against overcurrent by an external 4 A slow-blow fuse.



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