Fuji PHL Paperless Recorder
(18 Input Points, 5 DI+18 DO)

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The Fuji Electric PHL paperless recorder features a wide variety of display modes
to allow users to view data as trends (horizontally or vertically), bar graphs, analog meters,
digital/numeric output, totalized output, event summaries, and more. Switch between modes
quickly and easily with the 8-key front panel. The adjustable-time screen-saver function extends
the life of the display and reduces power consumption.


Long Term Data Storage: Up to 1.5 years in Compact Flash
Saved Data playback: Saved data in Memory card can be easily called out and played back on display
Math and totalization: These functions are available as standard.
Communications Option: RS485 (MODBUS RTU protocol) or Ethernet
Screen saver: Period of non-operation exceeds the setting value of parameter, recorder turns off the backlight of LCD.
PC support softwares (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader): CD-ROM and loader cable included with recorder
9-point and 18-point recording: 12 types of thermocouples, 5 types of RTDs and voltage/current input are available

Optional items for Paper Recorders
PHL-USB-CABLE USB PC loader communication cable (PHL V2) (for models PHF,PHL,PHU)
PHL-USB-CF PC card adaptor for compact flash memory card (for models PHF,PHL,PHU)
PHL-CF4096 4GB Compact Flash Memory Card (for models PHF,PHL,PHU)
PHZP0701 Termination Resistor for Communication (for models PHL,PHU)
PHZP0801 Male D-sublight type 25pin Connector (for model PHL)

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 30 cm
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