HGD MCB 1P 10A Type C

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Hyundai, HGD Series
1P, 63AF, 6kA, 10A, C Curve

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The new HGD series of MCBs rating from 0.5A to 125A.
The range offers a variety of feature benefits such as Uniform Breaking Capacity of 10kA
across entire range in accordance with IEC/EN60898-1, IEC/EN60947-2,
it also incorporates features like Inscription Window, Safety Terminal, Large Cable terminals,
Bi stable Clip, Positive Contact Indication and Field fittable AUX,ALT,SHT,UVT,OVT.

Miniature Circuit Breakers have precisely formed moulded case & cover of flame retardant high strength
thermoplastic material having high melting point, low water absorption, high dielectric strength and temperature withstand.
The Switching Mechanism is independent, manual and trip free, i.e.,the breaker trips internally even if the
operating knob is held in ON position.
The Contact Mechanism comprises of fixed & moving contacts specially designed for reliability, long life and
anti-weld properties. The Arc Extinguishing Device comprises of 13 plates arc chute.
The arc under the influence of the magnetic field and arc guide is moved into the arc chute where
it is rapidly split and quenched. The tripping mechanism is Thermal Magnetic Type.

-Thermal Operation
The thermal operation provides protection from moderate overloads.
Under overload condition, a thermo-metallic element (bimetallic strip) deflects until it operates
a latching mechanism allowing the main contacts to open.

-Magnetic Operation
In magnetic operation, large overloads or short circuit current actuates
a solenoid causing a plunger to strike the latching mechanism rapidly opening the main contacts.

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