HGM 160H -3P-160A-38kA

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HGM 160H 3P 160A
Type Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Fixed Thermal and Magnetic Protection

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HGM 160H 3P 160A
Type Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Fixed Thermal and Magnetic Protection

-Cable Insulation Performance Suitability-
In case of continuing abnormal conditions such as welding of main contact
after trip, handle is not available to move ‘OFF position’ in accordance with
IEC 60947-2 cable insulation performance. Also, it is possible to maintain
easily by checking a contact condition by the handle.

-Adjustable Rated Current-
As applying to adjustable rated current design, it is possible to protect circuit
optimally according to the load factor. Adjustable range of rated currents.
(Molded case circuit breakers).

It is a low voltage system protection to selectively separate fault point from
system to minimize influence of fault. In this protection type, only circuit
breaker installed at a fault point is operated whilethe other feeder can be
used continuously.

In this protection type, upstream circuit breakers can be tripped earlier than
downstream circuit breaker for back up protection. So, it is applied to the
smaller breaking capacity than the calculated value at down stream circuit.

-Maximized Insulation Performance-

High Breaking Capacity: 16 – 30 kA at 460 V (100 AF)
Rated Insulation Voltage: Ui 1,000 V
Rated Operational Voltage: Ue 690 V
Impulse Withstand Voltage: Uimp 8 kV
Protective Function: Overload, short-circuit and
instantaneous protection
Suitablilty for Isolation: Yes
Utilization Category: A
Polution Degree: 3
Reference Standard: IEC 60947-2

-Specific information-

Frame: 160AF
Pole: 3P
Rated current, at 40 ℃: 160A
Recognition code for order: 160H
Rated short-circuit breaking
capacity [Icu] (kA rms): AC660/690 V @ 8kA
AC480/500 V @ 26kA
AC440/460 V @ 38kA
AC380/415 V @ 38kA
AC220/240 V @ 85kA

-Service breaking-
capacity [Ics = % Icu]: 100

Endurance (Durability):
Mechanical: 25,000 times
Electrical: 10,000 times

-Trip Device-
Thermal magnetic
Long time: Fixed (1.0) x In
Adjustable (0.8 – 0.9 – 1.0) x In
Instantaneous 1600 A

• Internal:
Auxiliary switch AUX
Alarm switch ALT
Shunt trip SHT
Undervoltage trip UVT

• External:
Rotary handle Front contact TFG
Extended TFH
Motor operator MOT
Mechanical interlock MIF
Locking device PLD
Plug-in TDA
Cage terminal block CTB
Insulation terminal cover TCF
Insulation barrier TQQ
Terminal extentions TBB

Front connection: Terminal screw
Rear connection Horizontal/Vertical
Plug-in: Switchboard type (Line & Load, Line only), Distribution board type
DIN rail installation: Possible for using DIN rail adapter

Length (mm): 105
Height (mm): 150
Width (mm): 68
Weight (kg): 1,3

Additional Information
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 18.5 × 9 cm


Rated Current (A)


Rated Breaking Current (kA)



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