Inelteh NLP220 Navigation Lights Panel, 220VAC, Up to 12 Lanterns

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Panels are used to control operation of navigation lights on board ships.
Audible and visual alarm is activated if there is a fault in circuit or lamps.
New generation of microcontroller technology is used. NLP 220, double panel
is used for controling main and spares lanterns (2×12 lanterns can be controled).
The equipment is designed and produced in accordance with requirements of
major classification societies. Fault in lantern or lantern’s circuit is followed by
audio alarm and blinking of corresponding LED. Audio alarm can be acknowledged,
but blinking of LED will remain until the lantern circuit is repaired or switchedoff.
Internal NiCd battery is used for power failure alarm activation. All panels are supplied
with dimmer and test facility. Bulit-in potential-free change-over contact can be used to
activate external alarm signalling device.

Technical Characteristics
Power Supply 220V AC (110V,AC available upon request.)
Ambient Temperature 0 C/+55 C
Number of Lanterns up to 12

Additional Information
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 25 cm

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