Mechanical Latching Block HGC Series, 220Vac/dc

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Current AC/DC – Mechanical Latching Block

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Mechanical latcing block keeps the contactor and control relay in the energized state
even after a power failure.
Mechanical latching block which is designed as a module is easy to assemble with
magnetic contactor or control relay.

Code: HGC LB100 F220
Current: AC/ DC
Operation Voltage: 200-240 V
Applicable Contactor: HGC9 – 100 HGR

Rating and Selection
Coil Power & Consumption: 25VA/ 20W
Operation Voltage: 0.85 – 1.1) x Uc (V)
Operation Frequency: 1,200 Cycle/h
Operation Voltage:
AC – 24, 48, 100 – 125, 200 – 240 V 440 V
DC – 24, 48, 100 – 125, 200 – 240 V
Mechanical Lifetime: 50 X 10,000
Weight: 0.1 kg

•Mechanical latching block starts to latch the contactor or control relay when it is
energized, and keep latching during coil voltage drop-out of contactor or control
•To Turn OFF
– Manual: Push up the lever to “O” position.
– Electrical: Supply power to the mechanical latching block.
: The power should be OFF before supplying power to the latching block.
•To Turn ON
– By pushing “I”, located in the center of latching block, latching block can start to
latch without the energized coil.
– Contactor (or control relay) and mechanical latching block should not be used at
the same time to supply control power.
– Mechanical latching block must not receive control power for more than 1 second.
– Please refer to the circuit diagram on the right.

Additional Information
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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