PR electronics 9202B2B Pulse Isolator

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Advanced features
Configuration and monitoring by way of detachable display front (PR 4500).
Selection of direct or inverted function for each channel via PR 4500.
Advanced monitoring of internal communication and stored data.
Optional redundant supply via power rail and/ or separate supply.
SIL 2 functionality is optional and must be activated in a menu point.
9202B can be mounted in the safe area or in zone 2 / Cl. 1 div. 2 and receive signals from zone 0, 1, 2 and zone 20, 21, 22 including mining / Class I/II/III, Div. 1, Gr. A-G.
Pulse isolator for transmission of signals to the safe area from NAMUR sensors and mechanical switches installed in the hazardous area.
Monitoring of error events and cable breakage via the individual status relay and/or a collective electronic signal via the power rail.
The 9202B has been designed, developed and certified for use in SIL 2 applications according to the requirements of IEC 61508.
Suitable for the use in systems up to Performance Level “d” according to ISO-13849.
Technical characteristics
1 green and 2 yellow/red front LEDs indicate operation status and malfunction.
2.6 kVAC galvanic isolation between input, output and supply.
The devices can be mounted vertically or horizontally without distance between neighbouring units.

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Interface for NAMUR sensors and switches
Extended self-diagnostics and detection of cable fault
1 or 2 channels
Can be supplied separately or installed on power rail, PR type 9400
SIL 2-certified via Full Assessment

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