Schaller Visatron Oil Mist Detector VN215/93 Reconditioned

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Device with the highest sensitivity, suitable for the monitoring of large four stroke
and crosshead engines running at medium and slow speed.
Damage selection through the individual compartment suction pipe system, with
display of the compartment with the overheating damage.

Max. Sampling Points for both systems (header pipe and individual) 10
Suction pressure measured against atmospheric pressure is 60 – 80 mm

Individual pipes (14 x 2 mm) from each compartment to the OMD

Damage Check-start threshold 0.24% Opacity, adjustable in 10 levels from 0.07% to 2.8% Opacity

Power Supply
Voltage: 24 V DC + 30/- 25%, 24 V battery or power supply unit

Current consumption: max. 3 A, starting current 4 A, fuse 4 A semi time lag.

Main Alarm
Sensitivity Range : can be set at 10 levels

Sensitivity Range : 40% to 100% of the main alarm threshold

2 x 4 digit, 7 segment display for presentation of internal device measurement values.

Additional Information
Weight 14.50 kg
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 18 cm


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