SIEMENS 6DR5011-0NG13-0AA0 SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner

SIEMENS 6DR5011-0NG13-0AA0 SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner

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IPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner for pneumatic linear and part-turn actuators; 2-wire; 4…20mA; single action; Enclosure Aluminium, small Standard Without explosion protection. Connection thread el.: M20x1.5 / pneu.: G 1/4 Digital I/O Module (DIO), 1 digital input, 3 digital outputs (2 min. or max. limit values, 1 fault indicator). ” Analog Output Module (AOM) and Analog Input Module (AIM). The internal position detection via a potentiometer is not applied but can be ordered in addition with ‑Z K11. Device plug M12 is not available. Isolating power supply SITRANS I100 separately orderable (7NG4124-1AA00). . Brief instructions English / German / Chinese. Standard / Fail-Safe – Depressurizing the actuator in case of failure of electrical auxiliary power (single acting only). Without Manometer block / Booster.

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Manufacturer SIEMENS

  • Single Action
  • 1 digital input
  • 3 digital output
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Weight 1.300 kg
Dimensions 228000.00 × 377000.00 × 222000.00 cm

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